We are all on a journey. We all have stories that connect our memories, feelings and experiences, interwoven by invisible threads that make up the tapestry of our lives.

Sometimes we need a safe, healing space to see these threads, make meaning and sense of them. Therapy can help us to unravel the threads and bring healing.

Join me on the sacred path of exploration and self-discovery.


Person centred therapy

I practice person-centred therapy incorporating creative arts. It originates from the work of American psychologist Carl Rogers. Learn more about person centred therapy and how it compares to other types of therapy.

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Virtual Therapy Sessions

Over the past year, we've all had to find alternatives to face-to-face communication. Early in the pandemic, I took training in online and telephone counselling, allowing me to continue to offer effective therapy sessions.

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Creative Arts Therapy

Alongside my work as a creative arts therapist I am also an artist and writer, having spent many years working with creative arts and therapy to enable myself to heal, I trust in this process & provide an environment for you to feel the benefits from this type of therapy too.

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