Meditation: The Mindful Leaf

Mindful Leaves

This experience is a great way of taking a mindful moment. There are leaves pretty much in most places so it is an easy object to choose. The purpose is to use our senses to explore in a mindful way, and this grounds us in the present, and takes us away from ‘unhelpful’ thoughts into focusing on an object.

The steps…

You are invited to take a leaf that you feel drawn to and hold it in your hand. 

What is the first thing you notice about the leaf?

What does it feel like? (touch)

What does it smell like? (smell)

What colour is it? (sight)

Take a moment to simple ‘be’ with your leaf.

Ponder on your choice of leaf, how does the shape, texture, colour, size resonate with you?

I have found this meditation to be particularly useful to bring myself back into the present moment, for grounding and healing. It is a simple mediation that can be done anywhere, with any object that fascinates you. It is also free, and suitable for any one.

I also use the same technique when on the beach (stones, shells etc) or in the woods (twigs, tree bark, stones, pods, feathers). Closer to home, maybe you have a garden, or access to one where there are flowers, seeds.

These are just ideas, to show that it doesn’t have to be a leaf that you connect with, it is more about what you feel drawn to, and then using the steps of the leaf as an example.

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